Friday, 22 October 2010

Eve Online

Hello everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I had to catch up with some college work, and to wind down from that I reactivated my subscription to Eve Online!

Anyone else play this game?
I played for about 3-4 months before stopping. Its been about 3 months since I played it, and I'm enjoying my return! In the 3 months of my absence, everyone I knew on it have advanced pretty far! The main dude who helped me through my first paces was pretty well off when I met him, but now he's totally pimped with near enough all the best ships in the game!

If you're unaware of Eve Online. Its set f*ck knows how far into the future, and everyone has their own ship. You learn skills like gunnery, mining, manufacturing, scanning, loads of stuff! In order to get better ships, you need better skills.

You can also start up a Corporation (Like a Guild in WoW), and from what I've heard, its like running a business!  You have to pay a regular fee to stay open, you can tax your Corp members, you can expand, you can open your own space stations. Its pretty damn awesome!

Anyways, I'm enjoying the game. So I my future posts might be more Eve Online based.

How has everyone else been? :)

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Jack Daniels...

Not tasted this beautiful beverage in a year or so now. 
Drank a bottle last night at a party, and it was glorious!

Last night was pretty damn rare. It was a 21st at my friends farmhouse in the middle of no-where. No neighbours telling us to keep the noise down.  He had hired a DJ to entertain the family until about 11-12, when another friend took to the stage. This is the first time i've seen/heard my mate DJ, and he was pretty damn good! He knew exactly what he was doing, and he was in his element!  You can check some tracks he's made here:

I've always had an interest in DJing, never taking the plunge into buying the gear. But my mate explained its not too expensive for beginners, if you just buy second hand.  So today i've been looking at classified websites, and I've seen a couple of deals that wont be too pricey!

Also at the party, there was a huge bon fire, a free burger van, a big was awesome.

This is not much of a post, but I felt like sharing my renewed love for Jack Daniels!

Friday, 15 October 2010


Anyone else addicted to this little game?

When I first discovered it a year or 2 ago, cant quite remember when, I became addicted to it.  But as I got more focused in my college work, I started to fade away from it a little. Only checking every couple of days or so.

But now i'm at the stage where when i'm out about in Town or wherever, I think to myself "My crops will be ready in 20 minutes, should start heading home".  I never act on those thoughts though. I don't rush home, and rush onto facebook. I just carry on with my day.
But as I was updating my farm there, I realised how much time i've wasted on it... I mean look at that picture! Thats hours, days, MONTHS of work...All for a little plaque that only about 5 people see!

I reserved a little spot on my farm for my mastery signs...and I've nearly filled it up! The signs are packed quite close together as well!

Theres soo much more crops to master! Not enough space! Ahhh! What will I do?!

Stop playing? a possibility...

Just a note however. I plan the timing of the crops carefully. I plant certain ones, for times I know i'll be home and able to tend to them...I just...need a know...every now and then!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire is a new HBO TV show, set in Atlantic City during the 1920's Prohibition Era.

Steve Buscemi plays Enoch Thompson, the Treasurer of Atlantic City. He has his finger in near enough every business in Atlantic City, as well as controls the illegal importation of Alcohol from various sources.  The show follows him around the city, interacting with the large cast of characters.

Noteble characters are Charles 'Lucky' Luciano ( the "father of modern organised crime" ), Al Capone, and Arnold Rothstein

Written by some of the people behind the HBO Hit, The Sopranos. And the first episode is directed by the main man himself, Martin Scorsese.  The mix of talent comes through in the show, with a mix of comedy, drama and action.

After watching the first few episodes back to back, I cant help but feel there is something missing.
Even though I was enjoying the watch, I couldn't help but be distracted by my surroundings. I wasn't too caught up with the show, like I was with The Sopranos.

Either way, its still early in the series, and I wish them luck!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Stargate SG-1

Anyone else a fan of Stargate?
This picture is of my Stargate SG-1 magazine collection. I bought it off ebay, and have not really opened it.

You can just see to the left in the picture, is a box of DVDs...Thats my Box Set of Stargate SG-1 :P. Thats right, I have 2 sets of SG-1, season 1 - 10.

With Stargate Universe season 2 starting back up, its just reminded me of how awesome Stargate really is.

So this is a little post, just telling y'all...I LOVE STARGATE!

PS, if anyone from the UK is interested in buying stargate SG-1 magazine complete collection. Drop us a message :P I tried to flog it once, but no luck.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Changed the blog a bit

Instead of just posting things I've thought up, im gonna post up things that have happened to me.

Even though i've said I've thought up quite a bit of material to post, I'm actually struggling to type it up.
And I want to try and at least post somethign new every day.
So I might treat this a little bit like a diary. But only post things that other people might find interesting, rather than my feelings and other gay sh*t.

So hopefully i'll be posting at least once a day :)

Friday, 8 October 2010

Fallout Pt. 1

I've been working on this little story for just over a week now, so I've allready got a bit of it written down. But I'll only post up segments at a time, so I don't overdo it, and run out of things to post in the future.

After playing Fallout 3 for about 2 weeks solid, I've became fascinated with life after a nuclear war. So I've started living one in my mind, he he. I've thought up different variations for near enough all the main scenes in it, but I'll go with my most recent one.

My family is over at my house for Sunday dinner. My brothers, their kids, my parents, everyone.

We're enjoying our meal, then our radio turns itself on, and there's an announcement. Saying Russia or China or whoever have launched nukes at us! And they will land in 20 minutes..

I keep a level head, and take charge. I order everyone down into the basement, except me and my brothers. I then proceed to take some buckets out of a closet, and start filling them with water in the kitchen. At the same time handing a box to one of my brothers, telling him to fill it with all the food in the house.  I tell my other brother to fill the rest of the buckets, and take everything down stairs. I then run around the house grabbing torches, batteries, clothes and general stuff one would possibly need to survive.

I meet everyone down stairs in the basement, and catch my breath while checking my watch. "We've got 5 minutes, not bad".
Then one of my brothers is all like "We've got to get in our cars and drive! The city centre is like 5 miles away! We'll be f**ked if a bomb lands there!"
I reassure everyone that we're going to be ok. I then walk to a big sturdy fire door, with a coded lock and keyhole. I reach above the door frame, and get a key. Then unlock the door while entering the code.

We go through, and walk down another flight of stairs, and then there's one of those big ass doors, with the wheel in the middle. Like in a submarine.
I turn it, and open the door. I turn the lights on, and welcome everyone to my kick ass luxury bunker, like THIS.

I close the door behind me, check my watch, then mention the bombs will be falling any minute now.

Everyone is still in shock and can't really speak...then there's a huge rumble, then the lights go out...

Thursday, 7 October 2010

This blog...

Hello world!
Every day, whenever I have to pass some time on my own, or are generally bored with what I'm doing. I think up strange little stories in my head. If I like the story, I continue it, and add to the story next time I'm bored.

So instead of just thinking them up, then usually forgetting about them in a week or so. I'm going to start documenting them on here!

I'll give them titles, so if I decide to add to them at a later date, you'll know.

One I've been working on lately is surviving a nuclear apocalypse or something similarly disastrous. I just started playing the game Fallout 3 recently, and its freaking awesome!
So that will probably be the first story I make up.