Friday, 8 October 2010

Fallout Pt. 1

I've been working on this little story for just over a week now, so I've allready got a bit of it written down. But I'll only post up segments at a time, so I don't overdo it, and run out of things to post in the future.

After playing Fallout 3 for about 2 weeks solid, I've became fascinated with life after a nuclear war. So I've started living one in my mind, he he. I've thought up different variations for near enough all the main scenes in it, but I'll go with my most recent one.

My family is over at my house for Sunday dinner. My brothers, their kids, my parents, everyone.

We're enjoying our meal, then our radio turns itself on, and there's an announcement. Saying Russia or China or whoever have launched nukes at us! And they will land in 20 minutes..

I keep a level head, and take charge. I order everyone down into the basement, except me and my brothers. I then proceed to take some buckets out of a closet, and start filling them with water in the kitchen. At the same time handing a box to one of my brothers, telling him to fill it with all the food in the house.  I tell my other brother to fill the rest of the buckets, and take everything down stairs. I then run around the house grabbing torches, batteries, clothes and general stuff one would possibly need to survive.

I meet everyone down stairs in the basement, and catch my breath while checking my watch. "We've got 5 minutes, not bad".
Then one of my brothers is all like "We've got to get in our cars and drive! The city centre is like 5 miles away! We'll be f**ked if a bomb lands there!"
I reassure everyone that we're going to be ok. I then walk to a big sturdy fire door, with a coded lock and keyhole. I reach above the door frame, and get a key. Then unlock the door while entering the code.

We go through, and walk down another flight of stairs, and then there's one of those big ass doors, with the wheel in the middle. Like in a submarine.
I turn it, and open the door. I turn the lights on, and welcome everyone to my kick ass luxury bunker, like THIS.

I close the door behind me, check my watch, then mention the bombs will be falling any minute now.

Everyone is still in shock and can't really speak...then there's a huge rumble, then the lights go out...


  1. Thats much longer than I thought it was.

  2. The shadow of the Cold War is a dark one. Hopefully tensions will never escalate to such a level.

  3. very intriguing!! hope to read more.

  4. good read! thanks for sharing

  5. awesome, I have to agree here!

  6. I just got done with my GTL session this morning, and I was amused by your post

    keep up the solid work!

  7. good job here!

    you just inspired more bubbles on "Enhanced by MS Paint"... check it out!

  8. When's part two coming? :D