Thursday, 7 October 2010

This blog...

Hello world!
Every day, whenever I have to pass some time on my own, or are generally bored with what I'm doing. I think up strange little stories in my head. If I like the story, I continue it, and add to the story next time I'm bored.

So instead of just thinking them up, then usually forgetting about them in a week or so. I'm going to start documenting them on here!

I'll give them titles, so if I decide to add to them at a later date, you'll know.

One I've been working on lately is surviving a nuclear apocalypse or something similarly disastrous. I just started playing the game Fallout 3 recently, and its freaking awesome!
So that will probably be the first story I make up.


  1. I can't wait to see your next post! Check out Boom Protein Everywhere!

  2. nice work here... btw, I have Hayden Panetierre bubbled on Enhanced by MS Paint :P

  3. Have you ever played the other Fallout games?